Metal profile (profiled sheeting) is one of the most popular construction materials, which is used for building envelopes and floor structures installation in industrial and commercial construction, administrative buildings, etc. Such popularity of metal profile is absolutely justified as it is all-purpose and cost-efficient, reliable and rigid, light and durable, easy to mount and doesn't require significant maintenance costs, has attractive appearance and is available in a broad color range.


Metal profiles for roofs and facades Blachy Pruszynski are manufactured only of high quality raw materials – rolled iron with the thickness ranging from 0,45 mm to 1,5 mm, with metal coating (zink, aluminium zink) and organic coating (polyether, matt polyether, pural), which provides perfect corrosion resistance and building durability.


Wall profiled metal sheets are used:

  1. 1) as a wall enclosure in sandwich panels of component-by-component assembly

  2. 2) for old buildings wall cladding with or without an insulation

  3. 3) for walls cladding of cold industrial and commercial buildings

  4. 4) for fences.


Roofing metal sheets have higher stiffening ribs to endure the loads, that are characteristic of roofs. They are used for large pitched roofs of buildings intended for different purposes.


Load-bearing profile endures constant significant loads due to the thickness of steel, used for its manufacturing and high stiffening ribs. It is used for load-bearing structures of covers and floor structures of various building types.


Wall metal sheets and Internal wall cassettes PRUSZYNSKI
Roofing metal sheets PRUSZYNSKI
Load-bearing metal profile PRUSZYNSKI
Metal sheeting and IWC with perforation